Cardiorespiratory fitness is essential to reduce risk of coronary heart disease New findings emphasize the importance of measuring and maintaining aerobic fitness.


Like a baby: The vicious cycle of childhood obesity and snoring Scientists looked at the relationships among maternal snoring, childhood snoring and children’s metabolic characteristics — including body mass index (BMI) and insulin resistance, which reflects future risk for developing diabetes and cardiovascular disease — in approximately 1,100 children followed from gestation through early adolescence.

Can a common ingredient in laundry detergent help advance diabetes research? Being able to build a bioartificial pancreas offers the potential to cure type 1 diabetes. A major challenge with the effort is how to supply the structure with enough oxygen to keep the cells alive. Now, new research suggests that oxygen-generating compounds found in some laundry detergents may play a key role.

Could this protein protect people against coronary artery disease? The buildup of plaque in the heart’s arteries is an unfortunate part of aging. But by studying the genetic makeup of people who maintain clear arteries into old age, researchers have identified a possible genetic basis for coronary artery disease (CAD), as well as potential new opportunities to prevent it.

Naturally occurring molecule may help prevent, treat atherosclerosis and gum disease Resolvin E1, a molecule produced naturally in the body from an omega -3 fish oil, topically applied on gum tissues not only prevents and treats gum disease, but also decreases the likelihood for advanced arterial atherosclerotic plaques to rupture and form a dangerous thrombus or blood clot, report investigators.