Molecular mechanisms of an African folk medicine Researchers have discovered the molecular basis for therapeutic actions of an African folk medicine used to treat a variety of illnesses and disorders including diabetes, pain, headaches, paralysis and epilepsy.


Non-coding genetic variant could improve key vascular functions Researchers have found a previously unknown genetic factor — a common non-coding sequence of DNA — that can either raise or reduce the risk of coronary artery disease or ischemic stroke.

Seeing and smelling food prepares the mouse liver for digestion The sight or smell of something delicious is often enough to get your mouth watering, but the physiological response to food perception may go well beyond your salivary glands. New research in mice shows that the sight and smell of food alone may be enough to kickstart processes in the liver that promote the digestion of food.

Different types of physical activity offer varying protection against heart disease While it is well known that physical activity is important for heart health, neither research nor recommendations consistently differentiate between the benefits of different types of physical activity. New research found that while all physical activity is beneficial, static activities — such as strength training– were more strongly associated with reducing heart disease risks than dynamic activities like walking and cycling.