FDA Orders ‘Black Box’ Warning Label on Essure


Agency says device remains ‘appropriate’ for many women but also cites reports of serious complications


Chronic conditions rise in older people

http://ift.tt/21EeUL6 The number of older people in England living with more than one chronic condition could have risen by 10 percent in the last decade putting increasing pressure on the NHS, new research has suggested.


‘Female Libido’ Pill May Not Be Worth It: Report


Addyi carries host of serious side effects without delivering much more sexual satisfaction, review suggests


Glucose-guzzling immune cells may drive coronary artery disease, study finds

http://ift.tt/1OIQPJT Hyper-aggressive immune cells parked in arterial plaque and feeding on glucose appear to be major drivers of coronary artery disease, investigators have found.


Genetic switch regulating satiety and body weight identified

http://ift.tt/1QgoD5b A team of researchers has identified a new mechanism that regulates the effect of the satiety hormone leptin. The study identified the enzyme HDAC5 as key factor in our control of body weight and food intake and potential target against the Yoyo dieting effect.


Can You Exercise With Atrial Fibrillation?


Your heart needs exercise, even when you’re living with AFib. A few simple tips from WebMD can help you do it safely.