Ways to Treat Depression That Aren’t Antidepressants

http://ift.tt/1awPXfq depressed man

There may be hope for hard-to-treat depression as scientists explore novel approaches to the often crippling condition.


Actor Leonard Nimoy Dies of COPD at Age 83


Actor Leonard Nimoy Dies of COPD at Age 83


Immune System Changes Tied to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

http://ift.tt/1DiNITM Inflammation may play a role, small study

Researchers saw evidence only in first 3 years of disease, findings could lead to early test


1 in 5 Preemies With Lung Disease Exposed to Secondhand Smoke

http://ift.tt/1ABvXBZ But, overall risk of 'persistent pulmonary

22 percent were from what parents said were nonsmoking homes, study finds


Neurons controlling appetite made from skin cells

http://ift.tt/1ABrAH5 Researchers have for the first time successfully converted adult human skin cells into neurons of the type that regulate appetite, providing a patient-specific model for studying the neurophysiology of weight control and testing new therapies for obesity.


5 Things to Do After a Surprise Pregnancy


There’s no need to panic with an unplanned pregnancy. Here are the first 5 things you need to do.