FAQ: Hormonal Therapy for Menopause

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Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for menopause is hotly debated. Is it safe? Experts answer common questions.


Undoing Autism One Toy at a Time


There’s a growing movement in medicine: a push to find and treat children at risk for autism at younger and younger ages — even in the womb — in the hope that their social and emotional development can be boosted to normal or near-normal levels.

Sleep apnea during pregnancy is not good for mother or baby

http://ift.tt/1Dokqre Researchers find that having sleep apnea while pregnant could make the baby prone to metabolic disease as an adult.


Do you know the hidden symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis?


WebMD explains what many people don’t understand about rheumatoid arthritis. Learn what to expect and get helpful tips, whether you’re newly diagnosed or you’re close to someone with RA.


To statin or not to statin?

http://ift.tt/1xU9K32 Cholesterol-lowering statins have transformed the treatment of heart disease. But while the decision to use the drugs in patients with a history of heart attacks and strokes is mostly clear-cut, that choice can be a far trickier proposition for the tens of millions of Americans with high cholesterol but no overt disease.


Genetic variability in the platelet linked to increased risk for clotting

http://ift.tt/1IN8Beu Coronary heart disease and stroke, two of the leading causes of death in the United States, are diseases associated with heightened platelet reactivity. A new study in humans suggests an underlying reason for the variability in the risk of clotting is due to a genetic variation in a receptor on the surface of the platelet.


Clues to ‘Brain Fog’ in Chronic Fatigue Patients Found in Spinal Fluid

http://ift.tt/1bNz4O8 In research involving patients with migraine with

Study reveals evidence that it’s ‘not made up,’ researcher says