HIIT helps combat high insulin resistance — a warning sign for diabetes

http://ift.tt/2wRCqLw Patients at risk for type 2 diabetes are often asked to exercise, but exercise doesn’t help each patient equally. To investigate this variability, a sample of women were divided by their levels of insulin resistance (lower/ higher), a warning sign for diabetes, all underwent high-intensity interval training. The training generally improved all metrics of cardiometabolic health tested. Women with higher insulin resistance more often saw improvements in the measures of glucose and insulin in their blood.

Intensive lifestyle intervention provides modest improvement in glycemic control, reduced need for medication

http://ift.tt/2wbbnNv A high amount and intensity of exercise along with a diet plan resulted in a modest reduction in blood glucose levels among adults with type 2 diabetes, but was accompanied by reductions in the use of glucose-lowering medications, according to a study.