A potential new weapon in the addiction battle: FDA-approved diabetes and obesity drugs

https://ift.tt/2r8JKAu Research reveals that FDA-approved drugs to treat diabetes and obesity may reduce cocaine relapse and help people who are addicted break the habit. Such medications work by targeting receptors for glucagon-like peptide 1, a hormone in the brain.

Mediterranean diet boosts beneficial bacteria, study finds

https://ift.tt/2HybZ6M Here’s another reason to eat a Mediterranean-type diet: it’s good for your gut. Scientists have found that eating a plant-based diet enhanced the good bacteria living in the gut by up to 7 percent as compared to only 0.5 percent from eating a more meat-centric, Western diet.

New tools in the fight against diabetic blindness

https://ift.tt/2vNMs3P Estimates are that 600 million people will have some sort of diabetic retinopathy by 2040. Previously, no good animal models existed that scientists could use to study the disease, its diagnosis or potential treatments. Now, scientists have employed a mouse model exhibiting diabetic retinopathy symptoms that could lead to future translational research studies.

Oxidative stress makes difference between metabolically abnormal and healthy obesities

https://ift.tt/2JsVJAc Scientists have clarified that deletion of adipose oxidative stress (Fat ROS) decreased lipid accumulation in the liver, clinically improving insulin resistance and inducing metabolically healthy obesity. In fact, Fat ROS suppressed lipid accumulation and increased ectopic lipid accumulation in the liver, worsening insulin resistance.

Exercise could make the heart younger

https://ift.tt/2vFzPrs After a heart attack, patients must create new heart muscle cells to heal. A new study shows that mice make more new heart muscle cells when they exercise compared to when they do not. This was true for both healthy mice and those that had experienced a heart attack. Findings demonstrate that one reason exercise is beneficial to health is that it increases the heart’s capacity to regenerate.