High blood pressure linked to common heart valve disorder

http://ift.tt/2iiMXwr For the first time, a strong link has been established between high blood pressure and the most common heart valve disorder in high-income countries.


Saving hearts after heart attacks: Overexpression of a gene enhances repair of dead muscle

http://ift.tt/2xMXrLi Biomedical engineers report a significant advance in efforts to repair a damaged heart after a heart attack, using grafted heart-muscle cells to create a repair patch. The key was overexpressing a gene that activates the cell-cycle of the grafted muscle cells, so they grow and divide more than control grafted cells.

Gestational diabetes and cardiovascular disease risk

http://ift.tt/2yNBH2n A history of gestational diabetes was associated with a modest higher long-term risk of cardiovascular disease in women in a new study, although the absolute rate of cardiovascular disease was low in the study’s younger group of predominantly white women and adhering to a healthy lifestyle over time appeared to help mitigate the risk, according to a new article.

Neutrons observe vitamin B6-dependent enzyme activity useful for drug development

http://ift.tt/2yrDjx4 Scientists have performed neutron structural analysis of a vitamin B6-dependent protein, potentially opening avenues for new antibiotics and drugs to battle diseases such as drug-resistant tuberculosis, malaria and diabetes. Specifically, the team used neutron crystallography to study the location of hydrogen atoms in aspartate aminotransferase, or AAT, an enzyme vital to the metabolism of certain amino acids.